Okay have you SEEN 12 Years A Slave, or Dallas Buyer’s Club? I get that Leo is the posterboy for Tumblr and never getting an Oscar but you know there are a lot of amazing actors who have been repeatedly nominated and not won.

Actually, no. I’m just expressing how much I love Leo specifically because I grew up with him and I love his acting, not because he’s Tumblr’s favourite. I haven’t seen any of those movies because I don’t like movies myself. I’m not trying to start a argument saying oh he deserves to win. I’m just saying that I’m sad because he didn’t win.

I’m not trying to start an argument either, I’m just saying - in comparison to other actors that were nominated this year it’s not really surprising he didn’t win and there are lots of really amazing actors who don’t even get nominated because The Academy is found of the heterosexual white dude bias. Leo’s problem is that he puts out good movies and gets nominated in the same years as other actors are making groundbreaking/important/moving/beautiful/socially conscious movies with stellar acting that resonate in a way something like Wolf of Wall Street just cant.  

Okay, hold up here. I agree that Leo DiCaprio did not play a role as difficult, challenging and intriguing as some of his nominated peers. But please don’t call Wolf of Wall Street a film that isn’t “socially conscious”. Similar to most nominated movies that came out this year, Wolf of Wall Street illustrated a reflection of society that was unflinching in its premise.

It was Scorsese saying, hey look at this society where money is king and dignity is shit. Look at these drugs, this power, this lifestyle - and know we continue to propagate it. That the man spending the money is only marginally worse than the man who is bought by it regardless of how likeable they are. That anything can look good with enough pomp and if you buy into the fact that this film is fun pomp, well then maybe you’re a part of the problem. 

Yeah - The Wolf of Wall Street was a kinda flimsy film full glam and humour and injustice. That was the point. It is socially conscious and it is groundbreaking and yes, it’s important. That it does not resonate with members of American society is an indication of their ingrained sense of denial. I’m not going to talk about Leo deserving an Oscar but I’ll defend the movie. 


Best Picture Nominees by Derek Eads

While I don’t agree with all the nominations, I’m still pretty psyched to see the Oscars tomorrow evening.